This is how America woke up this morning, scenes of carnage in Las Vegas after a gunman randomly slaughtered folks in Las Vegas who were at a Country Concert for an evening of fun.

A quote from a concert goer "this doesn't happen in America!".  Well, now it does and we have our largest mass shooting in our country and it happened on a peaceful crowd enjoying a beautiful evening outside at the final night of a country concert.  A survivor who attended the concert said "we were in a Kill box".

The gunman cowardly fired at the crowd from the 32 Floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel room.  At this time more than  50 people are dead, sadly that number will go up,  400 plus

Getty Images
Getty Images

injured.  Some of those attending the concert were taking video on their phones when the shooting began, and the sound of the gunfire erupted, at first many thought it was fireworks, but then people started dropping, and those that could ran for cover.  The sound of the gunshots, panicked voices and screams of the victims is disturbing and horrific.

Rita Katz, who is the Director of a group that monitors terrorist groups, tweeted that the Islamic State issued a statement that the piece of shit gunman was one of their soldiers and that he had converted to Islam months ago.  (this has not been confirmed yet)

As this horrible scene played out in photos and videos one picture showed courage and strength.....while everyone was running for cover, our brave law enforcement  personal were running towards the scene. God Bless Them.

It will take some time for this to all be sorted out, so I ask you to pray for the victims, pray for the injured, pray for the famlies, Pray for Las Vegas, and Pray for the United States of America.  We are still and always be the greatest Country.

God Bless America