Actress Robin Wright is one of the stars on the hit show House of Cards, she stars on that show with Actor Kevin Spacey.  Apparently Robin got very tired of doing the same work as her co-star, and even more since she is an executive Producer.   Having had enough, she went to the Boss and said , pay me what you pay Kevin or I am taking this public.

Bravo to her.  Robin got her pay increase, but why does it have to come down to threats.   It is 2016, and everyday Men and Women do the EXACT same jobs but men are paid more than the women.  Actress Jennifer Lawrence wrote an op/ed piece titled "Why Do I Make Less Than My Co-Stars".  Good question, why does this continue  to happen, and when a Women complains about this to management nothing happens, well, maybe she will lose her job or just flat out told no.  Some Actress's have more power and stand a better chance of getting equal pay, while the majority of American women wait with their winter coats on for hell to freeze over.

The gender pay gap is not just in Hollywood, but it exists in almost every business in the United States.  Its 2016 people, this is ridiculous.  EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK!  This should not even have to be an issue.

Some may argue that Actress's are making millions, yes they are, but they are getting the conversation started.  No one should be paid less for doing the same job as their male co-worker, it is pathetic and unbelievable.

If you are underpaid and not getting any help from your Boss, call your Representative, or Congressman, let them know that this is unacceptable, and demand they do what ever they can to stop this kind of sexist behavior

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