I, and I am sure like a lot of people, my go to t.v. channel when I get a chance to watch t.v. is HGTV.   Love most of the shows they run, except for LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT...that one is to 'staged' for my liking.    My favorite, even though I have seen every episode probably a zillion times is FIXER UPPER, with Chip and Joanna Gains.

Now the sad news, I admit I did know this was coming.....The 5th and final season of our beloved FIXER UPPER airs tonight at 9pm on HGTV.

I will really miss the show, but I do admire them for the fact that they are going to focus on family and they will still be involved with their Magnolia brand.   That alone will keep them busy.

Magnolia products from Joanna Gains are now selling at Target, Art Van , they have a magazine and of course their stores in Waco Texas that they will continue to run.

Their show will be missed, but putting family first is always the right choice.


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