We had a listener this morning and she had just got back from being at the live taping of the Voice.   Her Daughter had sent her there for her birthday.

That got me thinking about shows I had seen live and wondered about any other's who might have seen some shows live.   Danny was lucky enough to see a live taping of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  That pretty much wins over my shows.

As a very young child went to Flint to be on the Bozo show (which could explain my fear of clowns).   For my Birthday, I got to go to be on Alley Cat and Mr. Mayor, plus got a giant slowpoke sucker.     Had a bit of a lull after that.

Next up was Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajack is a blast.    Saw a taping of Jeopardy, Alex is not such a great guy.....but I saw Jimmy Fallon (before tonight show) and fell in love with him.

How about you, any cool shows.

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