During last week's high winds, the power went out at my place. As we were walking thru the dark with a couple of lit candles, a light appeared in one of the closets…a flashlight came on BY ITSELF about 15 minutes after the power went out. This flashlight had NOT been operable for a couple of years due to a COMPLETELY DEAD battery. Needless to say, the light was bright as if a new battery had been put in and the flashlight stayed operable all thru the power outage. But 12 hours later - once the power was restored - I tried to turn the flashlight on… IT WAS BACK TO BEING NON-FUNCTIONAL. It only worked for those 12 hours the power was out! I tried everything I could to make it work again…no luck and it’s still not working one slight bit. Is this some kind of Divine intervention? I’d love to hear your thoughts.