The story of former Dr. Larry Nassar is so horrific, it just boggles my mind .  This man has got to be one of the most prolific paedophiles in modern history, and the fact that even after receiving complaints about him from young gymnasts, and these complaints go back to the late 90's, nothing was done to stop him.  Nassar was surrounded by adults who enabled his predatory behavior.

This story has gained national attention, even ESPN did a story about him and has had a reporter in the Ingham County Court House.  Nothing has rocked the gymnastics world like this.  Today (Wednesday) is another day that the brave women and girls who were abused by this monster , get to face him and let him know what he did to their lives, their innocence, their self esteem  and their families.  How brave they are, I watched in awe yesterday after one by one they stood and faced Nassar and called him out for the horrible creature he is, all this as he whoo!

I can't understand how those who had been told that abuse of young girls was taking place, yet choose to do nothing about it.  Instead of reporting his deviant behavior they called  the girls liars,  or they were making this all up.  If just one responsible adult had been told about Nassar and his perversions  and actually reported him when this was first reported , so many young girls could have been spared his sexual abuse.

There is lot's of finger pointing going on, and it should .  Far to many dropped the ball, this man was a master at manipulation not just the girls but their families as well.

ESPN did a story on OUTSIDE THE LINE, and they did a fantastic job.  They were asking the same questions as we have could this go on, and why didn't those in  power stop him instead of enabling him.

In the Ingham county court room yesterday 29 women and girls spoke up about the treatment they received from Nassar.    Included in those speaking was Kyle Stephens, the woman Nassar pleaded guilty to sexually assualting in his home while she was a child visiting his home with her parents.  Kyle was just a child , A CHILD when this started.  When this brave young woman faced her Monster in court , well she was amazing.

Nassar might not have looked at her but she stared him down saying "Perhaps you have figured it out by now, (at this point Nassar just covered his eyes) "little girls don't stay little forever.  They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world".  When I heard that I stood up in my living room and applauded her.

This can't stop here, those adults that the trusting young gymnasts went to for help should also be held accountable for letting this behavior continue.  In my book, they are all guilty and should have their day in court as well.

Judge Aquilina is giving other women, girls or advocates for those who don't want to speak in public , their time to face the monster and let him know what his actions did to their lives, and for some of these girls the abuse started at age 6!.

What I can't shake is the fact that in the late 90's when girls started complaining to adults they trusted.....nothing was done, in fact the girls were called liars, and told to forget what happened.  If someone had stopped the Monster then, hundreds of young girls would not have been abused.  But he was surrounded by so many enablers, many pretty high up on the food chain.  We will have to wait and see how this all plays out.



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