On my way into work every morning I check the price of gas.  This morning I saw 2.33 a gallon,  Payday is a couple of days off, so I thought I would hold on.  BAD MOVE ON ME!

Now Tropical Storm Harvey has messed with the oil facilities in the Galveston / Houston Texas area.  So many in Texas are facing the devestating loss of their homes and business, and for the rest of us we see the effects with rising gas prices.

Areas around Mid Michigan have seen prices hitting the 2.60 mark.

Bottom, with this disaster in Texas we will be paying more for gas.  However the people of Texas who have been hit so hard by this storm need our help.  If you can spare any  money, please contat the American Red Cross, or the Salvation army.   There are many ways that you can help, so please choose one.

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