Time to get out your frosty mugs, it's National Drink Beer Day.  This is a relatively new 'Holiday' thanks to the good folks at Budweiser.  In fact, Budweiser even gave some fun facts about beer.

A beer, is America's #1 drink of choice, beating #2 a Margrita and #3 Wine (how wine is #3 I will never understand)

When given a choice, American's like a domestic beer by a 2 to 1 margin when they are drinking socially.

Here is the part that I don't understand.  When asked what the number one state for beer consumption is my first thought was Wisconsin, but no they are number 3.  The most beer loving state is......Massachusetts.    Michigan was number 24.  Huh, go figure.

So enjoy the 'Holiday", National Drink

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Beer Day.....and cheers to Budweiser for making it happen.