Every Christmas I look forward to all the neat catalogs I get in the mail, my favorite is the Hammacher Schlemmer, they have the most interesting

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gifts to choose from.  Here are a few examples.

How about an 80 foot snowball launcher.  This super cool blaster makes and launches snowballs up to 80 feet. You would be the hero of the neighborhood with that ).

The Gentelmans Whiskey Kit, where,yes you can make whiskey at home and it comes with your own American white oak barrel to keep your whiskey in.

Digital Camera Binoculars, which allow you to see through your binoculars and take a pic of what you see.

Being a shoe lover, I like their 25 pair shoe turntower, makes it easy to find shoes, however it only holds 25 pairs so I would need about 3 Turntowers (or more....)

This one I am going to have to put a no on is the inflatables.  Not a fan of them, however if you are, this catalog offers fifteen foot inflatable Rudolph and Clarice.

You can certainly find that perfect gift for someone of to keep yourself!