The parents of the boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure, which resulted in the death of the 17 year old Silverback endangered animal are now getting death threats.

Staff at the Cincinnati zoo, shot the primate, fearing that the 4 year old boy's life was at risk.  His parents have been blasted by those angry at the endangered animal's tragic death.

"I'm pro animals, take better care of your (....) kid you son of a (..).  Another tweet said "feel for the gorilla.  Didn't deserve to get shot...should have been the parent instead".

The parents who have four children together are now facing neglect charges over the incident at the zoo.

The Childs mother,  works at a pre-school and has faced heavy criticism after trying to defend what happened by claiming " accidents can happen".

Zookeeper Jack Hanna, backed the zoo's decision to shoot the Gorilla.

Right or wrong, the barriers are safe said the zoos director Thane Maynard.  He said " the trouble with barriers is that whatever the barrier some people can get past it."

Harambe, the Silverback gorilla had turned 17 years old the day before.

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