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We have a cat named Daisy.  Daisy has two bare spots on his little head that doesn't look normal.  My wife Lori took Daisy to the Vet last week and the Vet informed us that our cat needs to take an antibiotic to clear up the bare spots on her skin.

This morning my wife tried to give Daisy her first antibiotic.  She had no luck.  They say the best thing to do is mash up the tablet and mix it in moist cat food and apparently that seems to work.

There is no easy way to give any cat on this planet an antibiotic without claw marks and scratches all over your arms and hands for that matter.  If you have a better way of solving this matter, please let us know by contacting us during the morning show at 363-4399.

By the way, we have great respect for Vets and what they do especially dealing with unpredictable cats.  Please watch this video!