Seems like  Michigan historians can't decide where the ghost town of Luce actually is; it's a little unincorporated village that was named after Michigan's 21st governor, Cyrus G. Luce.

What we DO know is, that it's in Saginaw County in Albee Township, somewhere on Burt Road.

One source says it's on W. Burt Road where it crosses over Fairchild Creek.

Another says it's at the intersection of Burt, West Burt and Gasper roads.

But looking at Google satellite maps, it could also be at the intersection of W. Burt and Bishop roads.

There is an old wooden church that is still standing (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE) just west of the Bishop & W. Burt intersection; and a little ways east of the Fairchild Creek is the town graveyard, named "Ziegler Cemetery" (PHOTOS). The exact date of the church is unknown or who even built it, but along with the cemetery which is further down the road, that's all that remains of the town of Luce.

There was a post office there that opened for business in 1890 and shut down in 1914 but that - along with any other businesses that may have cropped up - are long gone. Any information on Luce is between little and none...but there HAS to be some info hidden somewhere.

At any rate, you now know where to look and visit...this whole area could be a potentially profitable place to take a metal detector and scour a few miles along W. Burt Road!