It has been a tradition in Michigan for longer than a lot of us can remember.  The Labor Day walk across the Mackinac Bridge.

The walk is one of those bucket list items for many of us, but those who have made the journey say it is a total blast.

Here are the details if you think this might be the year you finally do the walk.

The event starts early in the morning September 5th, Labor Day.  Participants may begin the walk at 7am and it begins in St. Ignace (the north end of the bridge ).    Starting times are from 7am until 11am.  It is a five mile walk, so wear comfortable shoes.

Once you get across the bridge you will be able to take a bus back to St. Ignace, and that will only cost you 5 dollars.

The annual walk is this Labor Day September 5th, give it a try and you can scratch it off your bucket list, and have a lot of fun doing it.