If you check the price of gas on a daily basis you know that prices shot up yesterday, I saw one station that went from2.33 to 2.67 in one day.

Former hurricane Harvey has forced oil refineries to go off line, these are some of the country’s biggest oil refineries.  The country's  largest refinery, which is near the Texas / Louisiana border.  This refinery produces 603,000 barrels of per day.

A report from CNN says that until the flooding slows down, there are now 12 major oil refineries that are inactive.

During time like these it seems to bring out the best and worst in people.  The heroes we see on the news at night, using their own boats to rescue stranded people, and even pets.  Then you have , on the other hand, the bad people who try and make money off the suffering of others.  There were more than 600 reports of price gouging ......in one instance people were selling cases of water for $99 dollars and some hotels were asking 4 times the normal fee for a hotel room.

Once again, during times like these with Harvey it brings out the best and worst.

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