As a parent of a child in school sports, this story made my heart happy.  Down the road from Lansing is the lovely town of Lapeer.    The schools Freshman football team were informed at a game in late August, that the National Anthem would not be played before their game, but that it would be played later in the evening.   The Carman-Ainsworth High School, where the games were being held, said they play the National Anthem prior to the game  with the highest level of competition.a practice

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done by many schools in Michigan.

Now is when it gets good.  The Lapeer Freshman football team did not like that plan, so they took matters into their own hands and decided since no anthem would play, they would go ahead and sing it.  So before, the kick-off the freshman squad took to the sidelines to stand and salute the flag, then they began to sing.

This was not an act of defiance, it was a show of respect and Lapeer's Athletic Director says that he could not be more proud of the kids.

Right now we have players, announcers and fans debating whether the Quarterback for an NFL team should be allowed to sit and not stand for our National Anthem, then  we have these wonderful young men showing what patriotism is.

Sometimes it takes the younger generation to show a few of the older generation that the National Anthem is OUR anthem, and not a time to  protest.

Lapeer High School said they were inundated with calls saying how proud the  community was of this Freshman Football team.