It was hard to hear, but because of the lifestyle he chose to live, the news was not that unexpected.

Hollywood Bad Boy, Charlie Sheen has admitted that he has HIV.  The life style that he has been living for the past few years makes this announcement  very  sad.  When his popular show 2 1/2 men  was on, he was at the top of his game.   The show was a huge hit and he was making boat loads of money.   But, like so many others before him, he was dealing with some demons in his head and his life style became risky and his health deteriorated.

Medically, now, HIV is not such a horrible word, many people have lived and are living a long and healthy life.  The first step for Sheen is going to have to be to clean up his act and get his body healthy and strong so he can fight this disease.

Sheen, tried to keep this news under wrap's but, as always news leaked out.

He seemed to have it all, but bad choices led him down a dark path.