Brimley is another of those unique Michigan towns you should add to your next Michigan roadtrip. It's located in Chippewa County Brimley is located in Chippewa County along the Waiska River, and south of Waiska Bay which is a subsidiary of Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior.

Brimley is an unincorporated village, founded in 1887 as "Superior" but changed to 'Brimley' in 1896 to avoid confusion with another 'Superior' in Minnesota.

The granary in Brimley was erected in 1913 and is in disrepair (see photos). The harsh winters are taking it's toll on the building and it may not be around much pay a visit while you can.

There is still a decent amount of people still living there but the town's glory days have been left behind.

It's a cool little roadtrip to take, and you can also visit the ghost town of Dafter just a few miles away!