According to USA Today, the most embarrassing car goof is forgetting where you parked your car.  Have I personally done this?  Yes, many years ago when I went to see an Elton John/Billy Joel concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

I had so much fun at the concert enjoying so many great hit songs from Elton and Billy that I forgot where I parked the car.  It took me 45 minutes to find it after the concert finished!

Another embarrassing car goof according to USA Today, driving away with something on the roof of your car.  Yes, went to a 7-11 back in the day to purchase a Big Gulp on a hot summer's day and for some reason, left the Big Gulp on top of my car and just drove off without knowing it.

Let's not forget about locking your keys in the car.  37 percent admitted to doing so.  Have I ever locked my keys in the car?  I'll never tell, I have to draw the line somewhere!