Would you like to live in a low stress environment?  Here is  a list of the 10 least stressful cities in the United States.

#10  Is Fargo, North Dakota.  Due to low unemployment and low housing costs, Fargo makes our list.

#9  Missoula, Montana.  This exercise friendly town is a nice place to live, and is also home to the University of Montana.

#8  Next on the list is the only Michigan City, Ann Arbor.  This city has the BEST Art Show in the summer time.

#7  Columbia, Missouri falls in at number 7, thanks to short work weeks and short commutes.

#6  Flagstaff, Arizona  This city also has shorter commutes and Sun, Sun, Sun.

#5  Eau Clair, Wisconsin, is one of two cities from the state to make the list.

#4  Madison, Wisconsin.....home to the University of Wisconsion

#3  Duluth, Minnesota.  Well rested workers and reasonable working hours.

#2  Iowa City, Iowa falls to number 2 on this years list of least stressed cities

#!   Denver, Colorado Tops our list as the least stressed city in the U.S.  Due to high levels of physical activity, income and sleep.

If you are looking to BE stressed, you will want to move to New Jersey, or Florida (must be the drivers in Florida, they would stress anyone out.)

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