A standout  Jeopardy player, who I loved to watch, finally met his match last night.  Austin Rodgers, a bartender from New York had won 12 games in a row and amassed a fortune of $411 thousand dollars.

It was a very close race to the end, but Austin ended up losing in the end.  The good news, Austin will be playing in the 'Jeopardy' tournament of champions that begins the first week of November.

Austin brought to the show what some are calling an unusually freewhelling, improv-comedy approach to the usually stiff show.  Saying his behavior was not an act, thats just how he is.  Austin Rodgers credits his study of history at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota for encouraging his curious nature.

It was fun while his run lasted, Rodgers added that his "know-it-all-ism is just who he is.  Austin Rodgers is now tied with Seth Wilson at Number 5 for the most consecutive games won.


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