Do you hate to go shopping?   Well that is changing as more retailers come up with new ideas to get shoppers in their stores and keep them from spending their money at online stores.

Urban Outfitters was one of the first stores to try something new and it seems to be working really well for them.   Their store in Brooklyn has two bars, one on the roof and another near the mens department, plus they have a barbecue restaurant in store as well.  Other stores are taking notice of their success, there is a Target in Chicago that has a Starbucks that servers the coffee chains "evening" menu with wine and beer.    Barnes and Noble, which already has in store cafes , plans to open some stores this fall that will have alcohol on the menu.

One store owner said that you have to give customers a reason to come in to the store, other than just duplicating what they can buy online.  You're giving them a reason to be there that isn't about buy something and get out.


Getty Images for Nordstrom