This was a great topic on the morning show today.  Do you let your pet sleep in your bed with you?  Plenty of great responses from our listeners on facebook.  Many of our listeners enjoy their pet or pets sleeping with them in bed.  Personally speaking, not a fan.

A few of our listeners say no way.  One person said no because you never know what your dog or cat steps in and the fact that your pet might have fleas.  Great comments on facebook.

According to the lastest poll, 83 percent of veterinary professionals said they allow a pet to share the bed.  But while pet owners were more likely to let their dog sleep in their bed than were veterinary professionals, veterinary professionals were more likely to let their cat sleep in their bed.

And veternary professionals also scored big when it came to allowing both dogs and cats in the bed, they were 52 percent more likely to allow the whole zoo up there.

You might find it hard to imagine that an animal in your bed would not disrupt your sleep, but in fact, there are some who believe their pets actually help their sleep.