A die hard Tigers fan sent a gift to Detroit catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia , and along with the gift was a note, saying she hoped the gift would bring the team good luck.   Well, apparently it has.

The fan sent Saltalmacchia a Mister Salty Doll.  Nabisco made Mr. Salty pretzels, and the doll was a promotional thing.  The pretzels are no longer made, but the die hard fan sent it to the Detroit catcher and he had it hanging outside his stall.   Once Mr. Salty was there the Tigers began winning.  Was it the luck of Mr Salty?  Know one knows for sure, but when the team went on a road trip to to Seattle and Texas, Mr. Salty was forgotten, and the Tigers lost.

Saltalmacchia says lesson learned, he will now make sure that the good luck doll goes on all road games and is at all Tiger games , so the teams luck will continue.

If you believe or not, it sure makes for a fun story, and goes to show you that Detroit fans are the best fans!!!

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