We have all had the same reaction, driving down a road and you see a street name that makes you go "did you see that?"

These are some of the more strange names for streets.

There is Frying Pan Road, located in the DC suburb of Herndon, Virginia.  There used to be a community named Frying Pan back in the 1700's, the town name changed but not the street name.

This, That, and The Other Streets.  Apparently the folks in Porters Lake Nova Scotia ran out of ideas, because three connecting street’s are called "this Street," "That Street", and The Other Street.

Roast Meat Hill Road, in Connecticut pays tribute to a warm dinner, or burning livestock.  No one is really sure.

Chicken Dinner Road.  Named for a woman who cooked a delicious chicken dinner.  Seriously.

Bad Route Road in Montana is a street that is not as bad as it sounds.

DUH Drive.  Several Grad student apartment buildings are on this road in Pennsylvania, so it's kind of a no brainer.

Puddin' Ridge Road in North Carolina....well that is just cute.

Linger Longer Road, Linger Longer is the informal nickname of the Reynolds Plantation resort in Greensboro, Georgia.   Southern Hospitality

Pillow Talk Court, is a little dead-end road in Las Vegas

and my favorite is one at Higgins Lake, it is the intersection of Alfred and Hitchcock Streets.   Yes, its for real.

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