Workout's come and go, some are just crazy fads and I am pretty sure this one is one of the crazy ones.  A Physical Therapist at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program at the Mayo facility in Minnesota has come up with a workout that she says will totally work your core.    It is crawling.   Yes, crawling on the floor like a baby is a new workout.

Danielle Johnson says crawling is an amazing core exercise that also benefits the legs, shoulders, arms and chest.  It can improve balance and coordination.

Here we go, to start get on your knees and pull in your abdominal muscles.  Next, hover your knees just an inch or two off the ground , using your hands and toes to support your body.  Keeping your bottom down, try to move, about 4 to 6inches back and forth and side to side.  They suggest setting a goal to work up from 30 seconds to five minutes.

No matter how ridiculous you look, it apparently works all the major muscles.

Treat yourself to a bottle afterwords.......a nice Chardonnay would be great.

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