I spent my weekend at the East Lansing Art Show and Craft Show this weekend, in fact I went both days.

Having been going to these any other shows through out the summer, I feel it is time to come up with a  do's and dont's behaviour list.

Leave your dogs home.  As a dog owner, I love to spend time with my dog as well, however bringing  them to a craft show when it is so hot and muggy in my book, is not  so fun for the dog, and for  many people attending the event as well.

As a mother,  I realize that strollers are a must for young children, but for the LOVE OF GOD, please stop banging in to my heels, it hurts me as well as annoys me.

Busy shows are not a great place to stop and chat, if you need to talk, please step out of the path of others trying to get around you.

With so many people attending these events if you feel the need to point something out, please be careful you don't poke an eye.   These are close quarters, it could happen.

Since these are crowded events, please be carefuil you don't turn around to fast, I do not want to wear your sticky lemonade.

If you bring a small child and they start fussing ( as children do), keep in mind they are probably tired or overheated.  Remember, yelling at them does not work.

Thank you for reading my Craft show / Art Show do's and don'ts.  I am pretty sure I will be able to add to this list as the summer continues.


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