Some Scientists are worried that a mysterious "zombie" disease that is killing deer could spread to humans.  This is not a pleasant disease.  Deer across North America are dying from a mysterious disease that destroys the animals neverous system.. This has some scientists concerned that the infection could make its way to humans.

Chronic wasting disease ---or "zombie deer disease" --was first notic4ed in 1967 in Fort Collins, Colorado, and since then infected wild herds in 24 states and Canada as well as in South Korea and Norway.

Animals infected with the disease can live two years before signs of symptons, such as a vacant stare, thick saliva, and exposed ribs or drooping heads become visible.

Want to make this part clear, there have been no reported human illnesses due to the disease, and scientists don't have conclusive evidence that infected mean has ever harmed people.

Bottom line, at this ;point you don't need to watch The Walking Dead for survival tips...yet...just saying.