When it's time to vote, usually the state of Michigan leans Democratic, this election was different.

For the first time since the nineteen 80's Michigan gave their electoral votes to the Republican candidate.  So now members of Michigan’s Republican party are wondering if a beloved Michigan rocker could take the Democratic seat from Senator Debbie Stabenow next year.  Right now there are no announced candidates to challenge Senator Stabenow , and there are some in the party who feel since Donald Trump became President , Kid Rock aka Bob Ritchie, who was born in Romeo, near Detroit could actually stand a chance.

Some have said that a Trump candidacy could be a template for a Kid Rock candidacy, and it sure would bring out the young voters.  If this were to happen, it sure would make for a fun run for  office...again.

Right now, no word from Kid Rock,who by the way calls himself a Libertarian, but Republican party members say a Kid Rock candidacy would sure shake off the ''old stodgy Republican image'.

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