When it comes to naming your baby, the names you grew up with are no longer used, in fact some are almost extinct.   Here are a few of those names .....

Angela, Beverly, Carol, Cecil, Clarence, Clive, Cyril, Debra, Donna, Dean, Doris, Dennis, Derek, Duncan, Ernest, Joanne , Joanne, Leonard, Maureen, Malcolm, Roy,Sally, Sandra, Wendy, Yvonne and Wayne.

On the flip side some of the most popular baby names are..Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava and Mia.  For boys those names are, Jackson, Aiden, Lucas, Liam and Noah.

Looking back at names that were popular around 50 years ago...for girls...  Lisa, Kimberly, Michelle, Mary and Susan.  For boys...Michael, David , James, John and Robert.

It will be interesting to see what is hot and not in the baby name biz 50 years from now.

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