I never knew there was a day set aside to honer the delicious Cheeseburger, but there is and it is today.  Yes, really.....Happy National Cheeseburger Day.

The folks at MLive got together to travel around Michigan and figure out  which chain restaurant serves the best cheeseburger.    They always seem to have such tough assignments...(ha!)

Here is what they came up with, then I add my favorites.

9  Checker's/Rally's ..../the taste testers basically said no, don't ever order this one.

8  Burger King .....the standard in fast food cheese burgers, not expensive and not the worst thing you could order.

7  McDonalds....meh....with lots of pickles it is not so bad.

6  Steak and Shake.....MLive testers gave it an OKAY, but I like their burgers and the fries with it, pretty darn yummy.

5..Culver's.... This surprised me that it was not near the top.....I have never had a Culvers burger I didn't like.

4..Sonic.....The MLive taste testers say, order it.  (We need to get a Sonic near me)

3,,, Freddys Frozen Custard and Steakburgers.. 2 locations in Grand Rapids, so I have had one.

2,,Wendys......not a great deal of meat, but more than most fast food places.  This is where I would have to stop and add my top favorite....Bill Thomas Halo Burgers...the BEST!!!  Years ago I was an exchange student in Belgium.   Once my feet were back on American soil my first stop was for a Halo Burger.  True story.

1....5 guys....seriously a delicious burger, and I totally agree with MLives taste testers.

On a side note, I wish they would bring back Burger Chef, Lord I miss those burgers, also Kewpee Olive Burgers were basically what I craved everyday during my 2 pregnancy.  Soooo Goooooood !!!   How many years do we have to wait to get a In and Out burger in the Mid Michigan area.....seriously....NEED!!

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Thank you MLive for doing the leg work on this one, I am sure it was a tough gig.