Yes, once again I am collecting brand new calendars for the new year. Simply drop off one or several calendars here at the radio station. The address is 3420 Pine Tree in Lansing. My goal every year is to collect as many calendars as possible. If it's easier, just mail in your calendar if you don't mind paying the postage.
Send them to Danny Stewart, 3420 Pine Tree in Lansing, zip code is 48911. Last year I received over 70 calendars for the new year. It's amazing how many different types of calendars are out there. That's a big reason why I love to collect them every new year. Please include your name and where you work so we can send out a shout out too. Last year we received car calendars, beautiful Michigan calendars and even a calendar all about horses. Thank you very much and thanks for making WFMK your listen at-work radio staion.