Ohhhh... the interesting questions the phone workers at Butterball get this time of year.

The Butterball company employs roughly 50 experts to answer more than one hundred thousand calls they get in the months of November and December.

Butterball which sells roughly one billion pounds of bird a year, has been helping people cook turkey since 1981 when it began hosting a help line you can call.

The number one most asked question to the hotline/  " My turkey is still frozen, what should I do" .  If you are in a hurry to thaw your turkey, the experts recommend submerge your turkey in cold water, breast side down, and change the water every 30 minutes.  It takes 30 minutes per pound to completely thaw the bird.

Some examples of the more strange questions they receive on the help hotline.  People waiting to the last minute to thaw the  bird have  put the turkey in the bath tub, used a heating blanket, used a clothes line (not sure how they did that one) or even put it in the dishwasher.  One of my favorites .....the caller who said they left their turkey in a snow bank to thaw in the snow, but there was a big snowstorm and now they can't find it. (my advice for that person....DINNER RESERVATATIONS.!!

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This year you can not only call the Butterball hotline, but you can also text.

Good luck to all cooks, and Happy Thanksgiving.