One Direction is not only a famous band, but apparently can be used as a beacon to  help lost pets find their way home.

A family in Elsie has a 10 year old cat, Maya.  Normally she stays inside, but she will occasionally dart outside for a bit and then head right back inside.  Well, this time was different.

Little Maya went outside on Friday of last week and seemed to vanish.  The family searched and called for her with no luck.  Maya's family lives out in the country, and their property is surrounded by cornfields.   Once the fourth day came and no Maya they were really getting worried, fearing the worst like maybe a Coyote or fox got her.

This is where the band One Direction comes to the rescue.   Maya would often sit in 19 year old Janie's room and sleep while Janie listened to One Direction, so out of that an idea was born.  The family hooked up Janie's IPod to a speaker and blasted it over the cornfields last Monday night and then went to bed.   When morning rolled around, Maya was outside and very ready to come inside.

Thanks to Harry, Niall,Liam , Louis and Zayn ,  of One Direction,

Stuart C. Wilson

Maya was home, a bit hungry and thirsty, but home none the less.