Cancer is not something that happens to me or you or anyone we care about, until it does.  That is when your safe little world isn't so safe anymore.

My Journey begins as one of my best friends has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  When you are first told that there is a large lump in her breast, then there is a biopsy , then then words you have been dreading...It is breast Cancer.  For one moment in time, it is like everything is in slow motion as you try and wrap your head around the news.

My friend Melanie is one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever known, and for cancer to pick her to attack makes me so angry.   But when I am angry I become strong, and when I become strong.....well, cancer better look out because we are gunning for you.

Good news, the cancer did not spread to other parts of her body, and we will take all the good news we can get.  Yesterday Chemo treatments began.

Her treatments are at the Sparrow Cancer Center.  Several years back I was at an open house for the brand new Cancer Center, I got to walk all around the center and see the rooms where patients would be treated.  It is an amazing place, but never in a billion years did I think I  would be back there sitting with my wonderful friend as she went through her first chemo treatment yesterday.

We went in a bit sad and scared , but met some of the most amazing women who were so proud to tell us that They Were Survivors!    To me they are WARRIORS !  I now have no doubt that Melanie WILL beat this nasty Cancer.

Many others are dealing with this as well, and this is where you can help.  Please join us at Relay for Life, at Holt High School June 10th and 11th.   Walking begins at 3:00pm, and there will be a Melanie Strong tent (my friend), opening ceremony at 6pm on Friday June 10th.

Anything you can do to help will be more than appreciated.  This is an event that helps those going through cancer feel stronger with all of your support.  RELAY FOR LIFE!!