One of my favourite television shows is Rehab Addict, with Nicole Curtis.  I have always loved remodelling  homes and refinishing furniture.  With the show Rehab Addict, I have found a soul mate.

Host Nicole Curtis has such a passion for bringing homes back to their original look, and God bless her, she is working on many Detroit homes.

Curtis grew up in Detroit and is on board with so many others who are heartbroken to see so many homes in Detroit abandoned and she is doing something about it.   Her renovations are amazing.

I was telling Danny this morning that with my Xfinity from Comcast I am able to binge watch Rehab Addict .  Just hit the search button and type in Rehab Addict and boom, all the shows and seasons are there for me to watch.

Fantastic show, I highly reccomend it.  (I reccomend Comcast as well!)

Detroit is once again becoming a city that Michigan can be proud of.  A city of wonderful people doing wonderful things.