There are so many shows on t.v. now with hunters chasing Big foot , by all the shows you would think that Bigfoot is in every state.

Growing up we summered at Higgins Lake and at that time, up at Camp Grayling the National Guard would spend most weekends practising with their 'war games'.   I remember hearing the story about some soldiers who were on night patrol and were out in a armoured tank , when something starting to bang on the tank.  The creature that was doing this was pretty much described as Bigfoot or something very close to Bigfoot.

Very tall, covered in long hair, and not very happy that this tank was in the woods.  The banging on the tank continued for about 5 minutes with loud growling as well.

So, yes, Bigfoot has been seen all over the U.S. and Michigan also has its sightings as well.

Here is a video from some folks and  what they stumbled across