30th Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, has found herself in the national spotlight.  The Judge is overseeing the sentencing of Larry Nassar.   This trial about the disgraced Doctor is all over the national news , and ESPN also covered the story in their program Outside The Line.  Currently Nassar survivors are facing that monster, telling their stories. of abuse at his hands and for many how their efforts to get help fell on deaf ears.  Judge Aquillina is really showing compassion for these young survivors.  We all realize how scared and nervous some of the speakers are to talk about what happened to them at the hands of Nassar, and the Judge is allowing all the time they need and showing great compassion.

One thing you might not know about Judge Aquilina is that she now is a published writer.    The book is called 'Triple Cross Killer' it was released in December and is a Detective novel and friends of my who have read it say that it is a fantastic read,.  The Judge says she has no expectations, she is just hopeful that people will read it and enjoy.


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