A venomous spider that normally is not found in Michigan may be here to stay,(bad news for spider haters).

The brown recluse spider was found in an unheated garage in Davison recently, which is not normal for the spider.   Like many of us, they do not enjoy the cold, but that might be changing for the spider.  According to Michigan State University entomologist Howard Russell, who spoke to the Detroit Free Press, the Davison discovery makes this the 6th time for a confirmed sighting in Michigan since 2011.

The brown recluse spider is about the size of a quarter with its legs spread out.   For many people, the bite from that spider would be like any bug bite, but for others, the bite can be serious and sometimes even deadly.

The professor says that if you think you many have spotted the spider, you can send a picture to bugman@msu.edu.

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