Beyonce is what is trending on the Internet.  Wow, Her latest release Lemonade came out,  music and visuals and her fans are still processing a lot of the lyrics.

Beyonce is a hit maker, songs like Single Ladies, Irreplaceable, Halo, all great songs and all widely popular.  With the Release of Lemonade, we see a new Beyonce, one who has been hurt and that left scars..  The lyrics seem to lead all to believe that yes,Jay Z, did cheat on her.  Her new release reads like a diary.."ashes to ashes dust to side chicks", "you know I gave you life, try this again and you are going to lose our wife"or the line that is really getting her fans riled up " He only want me when I'm not there, he better call Becky with the good hair".  Many feel that is a reference to Rachel Roy, a fashion designer and who many suspect Beyonce's husband may have had an affair with.

Queen Bey's fans jumped to the internet so fact that many started attacking  cooking show host Rachel Ray, instead of Rachel Roy.

If you have been a fan of Beyonce, let me tell you Lemonade  is raw, powerful, spiritual, artistic, visually amazing with each song like a therapy session.

HBO aired an hour long special over the weekend, I watched and was mesmerized.  I found it to be her most amazing work to date.

Patrick Smith