If your are a parent and have a child that is of driving age, you worry non stop when they get behind the wheel.  Like today, when my daughter is driving her friends to a beach day on Lake Michigan.

So I see this...2017's Best & Worst states for Teen drivers...Lets start with the worst.

50 Montana


48 North Dakota

47 South Dakota

46 Nebraska

45 Missouri

44 Mississippi

43 Idaho

42 Iowa

(skipping to top 16 )


15 Connecticut

14 North Carolina

13 Massachusetts

12 Rhode Island

11 Alaska

10 Georgia

9  New Jersey

8  Delaware

7  California

6  Lousiana

5  Washington

4  Maryland

3  Illinois

2  Oregon

drum roll.........

#1 New York  .....

Why in the heck are all the worst teen drivers out west?  Maybe they should stick to horses not horsepower.

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