The John Ball Zoo has adopted another majestic bird to its fold, this being a Bald Eagle, and he has quite a story.

The bird, who doesn't have  a name yet, was hit by a car back in 2016 in the Upper Peninsula.  After the accident he was taken to Wings of Wonder which is a bird re-hab center in the UP town of Empire. According to MLive the

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accident left the bird with severe spinal trauma and he refused to stand up for over a month.

The re-hab facility had the bald eagle undergo physical therapy and he eventually transitioned into a pen where he could practice flying and landing.  The Vet who took care of the bird said it was a miracle in that the nerves were not completely and permanently damaged.  After around 4 months of re-hab the eagle was just about healed, but some of the injuries he sustained would make it difficult for him to survive in the wild.

Wings of Wonder then began looking for a home for the bird and the timing worked out well, with the John Ball Zoo , they had recently lost their male Bald Eagle,   So on January 8th the bird was picked up and went to his new home in Grand Rapids.

In about 30 days the Bald Eagle will be able to be seen by the public at the John Ball Zoo, they just want to make sure that he is healthy and ready to be around other birds.