The Associated Press ran an interesting article about our Country and how we pay tribute to many by lowering flag to half staff.

The article says that nearly every day, somewhere in the country, the Stars and Stripes were lowered to half-staff last year in one of the most significant official gestures of mourning and respect.

Now, this centuries old practice can be a visible public answer to extraordinary loss, as when more than four dozen people were killed last month at a night club in Orlando.

So as we mark our Independence Day on Monday, some flag buffs  have noted that the honer has been extended more widely over time, to include celebrities and police dogs.  Leading some to question whether the country has lowered the bar on the lowering of our flag.

Regardless, have a wonderful 4TH of July.  The USA  is still the greatest place to live, everyday people risk their lives to come here and find freedom and hope.

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