Here is a story that is going to make you want to clean out the basement and even your attic.

A New Jersey made the find of the century, that almost didn't happen.  Brothers Ned, Roger and Steven Landau were cleaning out their Mothers home, who had recently passed away and they were looking for items to raise some cash as they divided up her estate.  Among their finds was an old silver tea set and an old ping pong table.  They also found a dirty old painting that they remembered as kids hanging in Grandma's dinning room.  The brothers remember the painting , and always thought it was on the creepy side.   The painting was of three people, one of whom had passed out and they were trying to revive her with smelling salts.

The three brothers decided to organize a garage sale to get rid of things they no longer wanted.  Before the sale, they decided to take the painting and tea set to the Antiques Roadshow where appraiser John Nye said that in total the silver tea set and 3 paintings would probably be worth a thousand dollars.  Nye said he was not impressed at all by the painting  (still not knowing it was a Rembrandt)  calling it 'unremarkably unremarkable'.  Never the less the painting was to be sold at auction, and at this point even the Auction house didn't know what they had.  A French buyer was so serious about acquiring  the painting he shot up the bid to $1.1 Million dollars.  It was not until after the painting was purchased did the buyer have it authenticated .  It was an early Rembrandt that had gone missing in the 1600's.  A collector wanted the painting , which was the fourth in the series, ended up buying it  for 4 Million dollars

This early work of Rembrandt went missing around 1600 and ended up all those years later in a New Jersey basement.  Quite a journey.

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