We are now into the month of February , and sadly by now some folks have given up on getting healthy for the new year.  If you have had a few stumbles in your weight loss plans or working out, it is NEVER to late to get back on track.

Some suggestions... I honestly would recommend the Jenny Craig program, it not only has great food, but you learn portion control and how important vegetables and fruits are for your overall health.   Next, GET UP AND GET MOVING.   You don't have to join a gym, working out at home is easy and cheap.  Don't have a stair stepper machine, try running up and down your stairs at home.  Use a chair to help with balance for squats, leg lifts and other exercises.   One of the best things about a smart phone if you have one, is all the free apps you can download to your phone for exercising.  The app I love has a five minute work out's, you can choose from Fat Loss, Ab work, Butt & legs, Pilates, yoga and many more.

There is so much available today to help you get healthy and in shape so don't give up, just keep in mind eat healthy and get off the couch and MOVE.

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