1986 was quite the year.  The Bears beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XX, Heart's song 'These Dreams' went to number one ,Jack Nicklaus won the 50th Masters and a very popular movie was released.

Top Gun.

Top Gun is one of those movies that stands the test of time.   Still is as much fun to watch it today as it was back in 1986.....30 YEARS AGO!!!

Watching clips of the movie  this morning this morning you realize Tom Cruise was soooo young, Meg Ryan was just starting out her movie career , and Val Kilmer actually had a career.   Plus, the Volleyball scene on the beach is still  a joy to watch.

Even after 30 years Top Gun is still a fantastic movie to watch.  FYI it was co-written by the late Jim Cash of East Lansing.  If your kids haven't seen the movie it is time to introduce them to Top Gun, I think they will like it.

Getty Images for AFI