Like so many people in Michigan, I grew up camping and I love it.  Every summer my Parents would pack up the tent, food and us kids to head off to a state park for  week of (in our case usually rain) fun.  Our faithful Lab Bess also went along.   She was never able to roam freely, we always had her on a leash.   Must be at some point that became a no no.

According to the Associated Press, state officials are now looking at several options for animal lovers to be able to take our dogs and cats (what?) along on the vacation with us.

In November the states DNR department will be opening up some state park cabins and lodges to those of us who like to travel with our four legged children.

After one season, state officials say that they will then look back to see if allowing the pets works or not.

Pets will be allowed in Sleepy Hollow State Park, Cheboygan State Park , Lime Island State Park, Harrisville State Park, and Leelanau State Park.

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