So we all made it through the Holidays, congratulations.  Now is the time that I like to focus on myself for a bit.  After months of shopping for others I now start shopping for myself and I want bargains.

Bargains is the reason I shop Kellies Consignments , here is an example ....I bought a beautiful sparkly gold sweater and it had the original tag on it (279.00$ ) but I bought it at Kellies for under 20 dollars.   Nobody likes to shop deals more than I do and that is why I love shopping at Kellies Consignment.

Shopping for new clothes for work and want something  sleek and classy, you need to check out Kellies.

Shopping for a room in your home you want to redecorate, shop Kellies where you will find beautiful pictures, paintings, furniture, rugs...basically everything to turn a room from, well just a room, into a WOW room.

Designer shoes, purses , clothes and even formal wear, not to mention beautiful place settings, tables, chairs....well, basically it can all be found at Kellies Consignment in Okemos.

The best place to shop if you want the best and want it at a great price.


Kellies Consignment.