Having tried almost every weight loss program under the sun, and yes even the crazy ones....remember the Cabbage Soup Diet?  Well, this year I am doing weight loss the sensible way, with Jenny Craig.

On the Jenny Craig program you eat three meals a day and three snacks.  There are 40 professional chefs who work on the menu's so the food is delicious and filling.

I have a personal consultant, Carrie, we speak on the phone at least once a week, and I credit her with helping me stay on plan, like when I am eating out, we have worked together and set up a game plan so I can still stick with the program.  I used that game plan this weekend and when I weighed my self this morning I was down another pound (9 total so far).

With Jenny Craig you are given the tools  to weight loss, you also get support and for me, I choose to follow their daily menu for me.  It keeps me at my 1200 calories and since they have selected my meals, I just grab them from the freezer, yeah, it is that easy.

Lose weight the right way with Jenny Craig, slow and steady (I have received promotional consideration).  Call 1-800-jenny20 today.

Losing weight with Jenny Craig has made me feel powerful, like I am in charge and I WILL lose the weight.

Start your weight loss journey with Jenny Crag.

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