For so many people I sure hope this works.  In Melbourne, Australia a pill has been developed that claims to 'melt away' cancer cells.

The Food and Drug Administration in the U.S, announced yesterday that they have approved human trials of the drug  in our country.

A gentleman who under went the trials in Australia, was given three weeks to live , after Doctors tried treating the golf ball sized cancerous tumours on his neck and grapefruit sized under his arms.  Doctors and this patient had exhausted all forms of treatment and the patient was so weak he spent 20 hours a day in bed.  When Doctors told him he had 3 weeks to live he was put in the trial program for this new drug.

This patient said that after undergoing this new pill, he is now cancer free.  "the change in me has been more dramatic than in anyone else, I can do anything now.  It saved my life".

Professor Roberts, who is the head of clinical translation said that it was 'Highly likely", Australia would follow the United States in approving the drug.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all those who suffer with cancer could also find a cure from this horrible disease.

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