As a person grows older (not me!) when you visit your Dr. you are usually given prescriptions for health issues.  Minor ache’s and pains or even some serious matters are usually handled with a trip to the Pharmacy and a script from your Doctor.

Things are being done differently by a Dr. in Boston.  Dr. Michelle Johnson tends to give her patients  a prescription to the local gym instead of the Pharmacy.

Doctors treating chronic health problems increasingly telling their patients that exercise instead of medication is what they need.  In one practice in Boston, primary care physicians internist’s and psychologists prescribe access to a gym.  The cost is ten bucks a month, much lower than you would pay for your med's.

We are lucky that here in Mid Michigan, we have gyms that charge only ten dollars a month therefore making exercise easy and affordable .

You ALWAYS should talk to your Doctor first before you start any new fitness program, but something as simple as walking around a track or inside a mall can help you to feel better.

Fitness is for every age and every level of exercise.  So if you want to cut back on all the pills you take, this might be your solution.

New Year's Resolutions Send Thousands To The Gym